by transylvania college


The Transylvania College Foundation was founded in 1996, with the purpose of supporting the education of excellence, both formal and informal. Over the years, the Transylvania College Foundation has established private education institutions, the Happy Kids Kindergarten and Transylvania College | The Cambridge International Schoolin Cluj. The foundation has organized courses and trainings which have improved the educational system, teacher development programs, and informal educational programs, such as School differently, which has launched numerous innovative ideas. Subsequently, the foundation organized after-school programs and mindfulness, robotics and other such summer camps. The foundation has initiated financial and environmental educational programs, as well as community involvement and fundraising programs. All of these, together with the numerous national and international conferences organized on educational, socio-emotional, and professional training topics, have placed the Transylvania College Foundation among the most famous institutions of public interest.

The first project of Transylvania College Foundation was Happy Kids Kindergarten, which is now known as the Transylvania College School | The Cambridge International School in Cluj. This school offers a modern education at the highest international standards to over 650 students from twenty-five countries, over six continents. These educational projects take place on a modern campus and is the first green building built for education in Romania where children can learn, play, and discover their world around them in large classrooms with plenty of natural lighting. This campus was built according to the principle of green buildings, and the school's students enjoy a multimedia library, an art room, a music hall, a business hall and laboratories equipped with the latest technology,  as well as a swimming pool dedicated to children, aged  4 months to 10 years.

The project, Happy Teachers for Romania, launched in 2019, and is a continuation of the training programs set in motion by the Transylvania College Foundation. This project is an innovative program based on the latest research in the field of neuroscience, and aimed at the social and emotional development of teachers. The program is designed by Simona Baciu, President and Founder of Transylvania College, an international expert in education. With her are  a team of specialists and psychologists from prestigious universities in the country and abroad. The program is based on the book The Teacher Within, written by Simona Baciu, together with Susan Shapiro, and has become widely received with great enthusiasm by teachers from all over the world. Happy Teachers for Romania aims to create a new educational culture, through which it supports and revitalizes the role and status of the teacher in the XXI century, and it plans to do this by reducing stress and anxiety, while building emotional resilience.


Aleea Băișoara Nr. 2A, Cluj-Napoca