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Drop Everything And Read (D.E.A.R.). A program initiated by Transylvania College

by transylvania college

The D.E.A.R. project was born in Romania, in 2004 – 2005, at Transylvania College, with the aim of developing students’ interest in study, through 15 minutes allocated to reading.
A group of teachers in primary education from Transylvania College has implemented in class several projects dedicated to reading, under the profile of  D.E.A.R. You can find below a presentation of the model used in grades I-IV.

In 2021 D.E.A.R. becomes active again through the initiative of Daniela Babii, a teacher in primary education at Secondary School no. 10 from Suceava, together with Simona Baciu, President of Transylvania College Foundation and founder of the Happy Teachers for Romania program, together with Simina Bejenaru, Daniela Preda, Erika Farkas, Laura Tătar, Anca Nealcoș, Anca Rus and Sonia Tekeres, professors in primary education at Transylvania College I The Cambridge International School in Cluj.
Reading is an enjoyable, useful short- and long-term activity that stimulates critical thinking and develops vocabulary. In order to attract students to read, we need to make this experience fun, relaxing and enjoyable for children, to present their books in a positive light.

Monday – Prereading

* Surprise

* Choose a packaged book randomly.

Tuesday – Read

* Relive yesterday’s surprise, of the curiosity you felt.

* Choose your reading place.

* Write a few sentences, draw, express your opinion about what you read.

Wednesday – Rereading

* Exchange impressions, related to a favorite paragraph with a colleague

* Provides new meanings for an interesting text you’ve read.

Thursday – Thinking/Reflection

* You’re a character too!

* Transpose yourself into the atmosphere of the book.

* Live alongside the characters and write a memorized phrase in your diary.

Friday – Happiness

* Remember the relationship you created with your book.

* Write a message to the author.

* Make a book with the impressions of each student, made of a drawing and a statement.


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