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ZF Live. Simona Baciu, Transylvania College

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ziarul financiar si simona baciu

We need to form another graduate profile that has much more decision-making power than it was in the past

♦ The program aims to encourage teachers to apply new methods to find their emotional balance, but also to help students express their mood and emotions

 ♦ In this month’s programs, specialists from the country and internationally will be present, who will share some of the experiences and methods they use.

A program started a year ago, Happy Teachers for Romania, currently at its second edition, aims to give teachers across the country the opportunity to develop various teaching skills and methods for which they were not prepared at the beginning of their career, through which to increase their attention, concentration, interest, and well-being,  as well as that of the students in the classroom, a state that has also been damaged by the pandemic and the relocation of the school to the online regime. Thus, says the founder of this project, Simona Baciu, teachers from all over the country can participate in a seminar session, which stretches over a period of five weeks, in which they will develop these skills, will discover their own internal resources, and will then apply the learned methods at class.

Watch the interview here

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