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Non-formal education programs: Summer Camps

by transylvania college

Every year, the Transylvania College Foundation organizes summer camps. They took place during the summer holidays, for a period of 4 weeks on the Transylvania College campus, as well as at Băişorii Mount, a location specially arranged for  for children camps.  

The activities include weekly themes. With a special emphasis on learning the ways of teamwork and respect for others and for oneself, learning new ways of relating, as well as on developing ecological knowledge and skills. Through the games made by the animators, the children practiced their playful skills with learning through play and action. Most of them are team games that have stimulated both the organizational capabilities of the entire group and the formation of participants as true leaders. To all these were added games and contests with the theme of respect for the environment, protection, and conservation of nature, pro-ecomount behavior.

During the camps from Mount Băişorii, the children learned about the Romanian traditions, in creative workshops led by folk craftsmen. At the same time, they discovered the love for nature and the joy of being together. The camp facilitated the easy and natural integration of children with disabilities and autistic children into the community.

The goal of the program: 

The development of self-confidence, taking on of responsibility, development of teamwork skills, development of knowledge, and ecological skills were the keywords that describe the purpose of these activities are carried out for all the participants in the camps.

Project target group:

Children and pupils aged 3 to 18 years

In 2019, the summer day camp creativity program called the ICC@TC Creativity Center was held during the summer vacation for a period of two weeks on the Transylvania College campus.

The program was addressed to children from the Cluj community aged between 8-14 years.

The camp gave the children the opportunity to participate in a wide range of activities in the field of art and crafts, creative writing, audio and video production, dance and music, as well as the concept of mindfulness. During the ICC@TC the children practiced their passions and experienced new challenges without having strict barriers created by a particular curriculum.  The participants interacted with the technology and experimented through workshops coordinated by specialists in the field.

Through the activities that were proposed by the coordinators, the children developed passions, which helped them to perfect their personalities, to discover their talents and strengths. Most of the activities were team activities that stimulated both the organizational capacities of the entire group and the formation of participants as leaders.

Project objective:
The main objective of the summer camp activities was to develop the skills and creativity of children and pupils.
The purpose of the non-formal education program:
The discovery and development of passions, which helped the children to perfect their personalities.
Target group:
Children and pupils aged between 8 and 14 years

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