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Simona Baciu
President and Founder of Transylvania College Foundation Founder of Happy Teachers for Romania; Author of The Teacher Within

When I heard the phrase, “those who love what they do, do not work a day”, I found myself immediately connected to this expression. Now, I wake up every morning in our cottage in the woods with a thought of gratitude at the beginning of every new day. The daily road to school is marked by the desire to get there as soon as possible and to be there, present, next door to my colleagues, with whom we share a passion for education. 

The last 30 years, I have asked myself countless questions, such as: what does it take to make children happy in school? How can we, as teachers, teach them more than just a subject? What do we do when we no longer have energy and feel that the days are long and hard? Why is the job of a teacher one of the most fascinating crafts in the world and how can we project that important realization to others? These years have led me to great depths within myself and my colleagues, and I have come to understand that, today, more than ever, we can advise the teachers to appreciate the present moment and to be understanding and benevolent to themselves. This is for them and the well-being of their students. When we teachers are satisfied, balanced, and relaxed, we have the tools to take on our daily challenges more easily and can be present for our students. A happy teacher has an impact on each student, both the way they learn and how they grow and develop. 

I believe that success in education nowadays is about finding one’s identity and discovering their purpose in life. Curiosity keeps the mind open, and compassion holds the heart. It is having the courage to accept the challenges and to mobilize our emotional resources to move on to action. 

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