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The “Happy Children” Foundation, founded by Simona and Dan Baciu, is a non-profit organization in Romania.

In 1993 the foundation established  the “Happy Children’s Kindergarten”,  in one of the two rooms in the founders’ apartment, with the first 12 children enrolled. It was an act of courage and passion for educating students in a child-centered, friendly environment.

The “Happy Children” Foundation founded “Transylvania College”, today a renowned school in Romania, which offers a complete educational route, from kindergarten to high school.

1993 – “Kindergarten for Happy Children” brought a modern approach to the Romanian educational system, promoting child-centered education, based on the latest concepts of health education.

1998 – 1999 – The first modern educational building was built for the “Happy Children’s Kindergarten”

2000 – “Happy Kids International Primary School” was opened, following the same philosophy: education for the whole child. For the first time in Romania, character education programs were included in the curriculum.

2000 – The gymnasium program was opened

2004 – “Cluj International School” became a member of Global Connections, an elite international foundation that promotes the development of students’ global consciousness and cooperation between international schools around the world.

2006 – “Cluj International School” receives the accreditation from the Romanian Agency for Quality Assurance of School Education – ARACIP.

2009 – Based on the national accreditations obtained, the “Cluj International School” and the “Happy Children’s Kindergarten” are recognized as independent educational institutions, which are part of the National Education System in Romania

2010 – The “International High School” opens and becomes the first international high school outside the capital to offer Cambridge international curriculum in Romania.

2012 – “Cluj International School” and “Happy Children’s Kindergarten” unite and start the new school year under the name: “Transylvania College, The Cambridge International School in Cluj-Napoca”.

2013 – The school receives the status of British International School – British School Overseas – after a successful inspection carried out by the Uk Department of Education.

2013 – “Transylvania College The Cambridge International School in Cluj-Napoca” becomes a Global Member of the Round Square association.

2014 – “Transylvania College” becomes an accredited member of COBIS (Council of British International Schools) and a Global Member of the round square association.

2015 – “Transylvania College” is the first and only school in Europe proposed for the distinction “British International School of the Year” – “British International School of the Year” – within the TES Independent School Awards 2015 event.

2017 – What started as a small kindergarten with 12 children enrolled in 1993, became a state-of-the-art campus, “Transylvania College”, under the High Patronage of Her Royal Highness Princess Margareta of Romania. The school community is represented by 27 nations from 6 continents and offers educational programs for 650 students, with 100 teachers and 50 auxiliary staff.

2017 – “Transylvania College” receives the accreditation for “Leader in Me”, the international education and leadership program, with a worldwide impact.

2018 – “The Teacher Wthin” – “The Teacher Within”, the book written by Simona Baciu and Susan Shapiro, is launched in Hong Kong (May), in the USA (July) and in Romania (November).

2020 – The training program “Happy Teachers for Romania” is launched.



Aleea Băișoara Nr. 2A, Cluj-Napoca