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carte aniversara de 25 ani

For 25 years with you

Transylvania College’s story began in 1993 when, sharing with my husband a common passion for knowledge, innovation and change in education, we decided to open our own kindergarten and to other the joy of learning to the children. Looking back, we see hundreds of children who walked through our school’s doorway, shy at first, but still curious, holding their parents’ hands. Looking ahead, we see generation after generation of accomplished and self-assured young adults, confident in their own abilities, discovering their voice and making a…

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The Teacher Within, A Conscious Path to Well-Being

Every day we have between 20,000 and 60,000 thoughts. Most of these thoughts are negative and repetitive. The Teacher Within helps you channel your inner strength towards positive thinking. Confident in character and social-emotional education, Simona Baciu, along with Susan Shapiro, wrote the Teacher Within, in the form of a 100-day guide in which one learns to teach with gentleness and compassion. Built on the philosophy of the A.R.A.T. Effect, from Awareness to Yourself to The Recognition of Thoughts and Emotions, to Actions and, finally, Transformation.

Awareness to yourself

You will learn to become aware of your breath, through meditation, so that you can live anchored in the present moment.


You will learn to self-analyze and turn negative emotions into opportunities to generate positive results.


You will learn to look beyond the academic side in order to create a conscious class.


You will find your enthusiasm and motivation to teach with kindness and gentleness.

The Teacher Within, A Mindful Journey Toward Well-Being For Teachers In The 21St Century.

The Teacher Within is a 100-day journey that guides teachers on a path toward inner harmony.

The goal of the book is to enable every teacher to live a healthy, happy and sustainable life while working in the teaching profession.

It offers teachers an intimate understanding of their personal well-being by strengthening the body, mind and heart connection.

It is specifically designed for the busy teacher and is written in a user-friendly approach, based on the latest neuroscience research.

Teachers are asked to spend no more than five minutes a day reading the material and completing a Daily Practice, followed by a One-Minute Meditation.

It is a must read for every teacher who believes he or she deserves a better life, in and out of the classroom.

The Teacher Within is your perfect guide.


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